Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Try, Try Again

You know how it goes.  Set the intention one day, screw it up day two, try again on day three.  This is where I found myself this morning.

Yesterday, I got up, put on clothes appropriate for exercising, glided a mile on my Gazelle, did a bunch of steps on my aerobic stepper, and then twisted a bit on my Simply Fit Board.  Yes, I have every cheesy As Seen On TV exercise product.  I use them off and on, but I get bored pretty quickly.  After I finished exercising, it was my intention to go work on the rest of my to-do list.  What I ended up doing, was sitting down with a cup of coffee and the TV remote.  At 4pm, I got up to take a shower.  Day 2 was not going so well.

In 2004, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease (hyperthyroidism).  For me, it manifested with swelling behind my eyes, giving me the look of Luca Brasi being strangled in The Godfather (I hope I didn't need to say 'Spoiler Alert').  The primary treatment was long term Prednisone.  Anyone who has been on Prednisone will tell you that the worst side effect is that it messes with your metabolism and you gain weight.  I gained over 50 pounds.  I've been working to get this weight off for a long time.  And I'm still working on.  The lack of results tells me that these exercise products maybe aren't the best choice for me.

For those of you that speak "woo-woo" - I've been getting the message from Spirit that walking outside, swimming and yoga would be good for me.  And for whatever reason, the message about yoga has been in my face recently.  I wrote the other day about my friend and her 500+ days of yoga. Sunday and Monday, I spent the day filing all the paperwork I had accumulated in 2016.  There in the midst of all that paper were handouts I had received at the very first yoga class I took sometime in the late 1990s.  Then when Julie Chen talked about yoga on The Talk yesterday, I thought, okay!  Enough already!  I will do my best to work yoga into my daily routine.

I'm happy to say that I did get up this morning, and using that handout from 15-20 years ago, went through a simple yoga routine.  As my body loosens up over the next few weeks, I will add some more difficult poses.  I will find that yoga dvd I bought a few years ago.  And I will dig out the instructions from Body Flex (combining yoga and isometric exercises); another really old As Seen On TV product, it is on VHS tape so I can't watch it, but I do still have the printed routines.  And I will try, try again!

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