Sunday, January 29, 2017

Never Have I Ever...

been so dumbfounded by the actions of a President who has been in office less than 10 full days!  I don't even know where to start, and because of that, I just may not be specific, except to state that there has not been one executive order that I agree with.  There have been speeches that just left me shaking my head.  (And why hasn't one of his advisors signed him up for private lessons in public speaking?)

Some of this frustration goes back to why I did not vote for Mr Trump in the first place.  He has absolutely no experience that qualifies him for this position.  This is what Dan Balz of the Washington Post said this morning on This Week With George Stephanopoulos.  He was speaking about the issue of proposed wall along the US/Mexico border.

"It is a sign of inexperience in these things.....He is a negotiator and he is a deal maker, but he has never done it in the context of diplomacy and national security."

Although I can understand those that voted for Mr Trump, hoping for change, I am more than concerned about the way he is going about it.  The ban on immigrants, what is going on with the National Security Council, gag orders regarding National Parks, pipelines that can effect the drinking water of our citizens?  WTF!  I just don't understand.

A friend of mine made this analogy:  Try to think of Mr Trump as a catalyst - similar to going through a physical detox when you change your diet.  Parts of it won't be pretty at all.  In fact, parts may be painful and disgusting.  However, change will occur, and we will take notice of what is happening.  Perhaps this is what we need for people to begin caring again about the state of things, and to take action!

Senators and Congress Men and Women from your state work for you!  They need your input and your views.  Let them know what you think.  Make your vote count!

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