Friday, November 6, 2015

Finger Painting and Other Art Projects - Part II

Mr T.'s older brother loves "projects", but then again he is 5.  Torren at age 3 is not so much interesting in Grandma's projects.  However, I decided to try, try again, just in case.

While doing these projects, someone was not having much fun.  You'd think I was making him do something sit in one place and utilize his small motor skills.

This was the second try at the mess-free finger painting.  I used paint labeled "washable finger paint". It must have contained some sort of medium because it had a very weird consistency, even within the ziplock bag.

This is using the same finger paint but without the zip lock bag.

This one was using sponges and fingers.  He definitely preferred the sponges.  He doesn't appear to like anything sticky or wet on his finger tips.

The next day, we tried painting using other tools, like popsicle sticks and Qtips.  I handed him a Qtip, which he promptly used to clean his ear and then proceeded to dip it in the paint.  At least it wasn't the other way around.

And today, giving it one last (for this week anyway) try, we attempt cotton ball painting.  This was another Pinterest find.  Torren was not impressed.  He was entertained by this for less than 60 seconds.

Mr. T seems to be more interested in using his larger muscle groups.  Re-enacting "Five Little Monkeys" jumping on the bed is far more interesting.

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