Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mess Free Finger Painting - Another Pinterest Fail

Of course, it may have gone better had I actually read all of the instructions.

My disclaimer is that this project was initially created for infants becoming comfortable with tummy time.  The idea came from the Can Do Kiddo website  It appealed to me because I love mess free, especially as I am without a kitchen table.

We had sold the old kitchen table and benches we had be hanging on to for years.  The benches were really cool as they had built in storage.  However, the benches had pink colored fabric that matched the kitchen before we remodeled five years ago.  The kitchen is now predominately green and black.I guess my tolerance limit is about five years.

Anyway, we were using the galley table and chairs from our fifth wheel.  Then we sold our fifth wheel.  Good bye table and chairs.  Between losing the table and chairs, and moving a train table from our daughter's house to ours, we had to do some rearranging. This is why there is a train in my dining room,

and my good mahogany table is in kitchen.

And that is why I'm into anything "mess free".

But back to the finger painting.  I'm calling this project an initial fail.  However, I'm taking some of the blame; okay - most of the blame.  I didn't have any traditional finger paint, so I used acrylics.  They do not spread easily by hand the way finger paint does.  Also, I failed to read the part about preserving the painting.

Placing dots of paint on paper, you then slide the paper into a zip lock bag, and let the little fingers go to town.

Here is Mr. T's painting.

And here is how it looked when I tried to remove it from the bag.  Unfortunately, the paper ripped.

My bad though.  The instructions did suggest using a sharp knife to cut along the edges of the paper and then peel the plastic off.  That way the paper does not tear.

I'm not writing this project off as a complete failure.  I will try again next week, with regular finger paint, and preserving the picture as suggested by the website.

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