Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day #5: Potty Training - Round 2

Well, technically, it is round 4 - if you count my kids, but right now I am referring to my daughter's younger son.  He is at that age where he is mildly curious about using the toilet, but he is really more fascinated with someone else going potty.

At any rate, my daughter and her boys are currently living in a two bedroom home with a small bathroom.  There is really no room for a potty chair.  As a "surprise", we went over and installed a child's toilet seat on their toilet - just like the one we have at our house.

Why didn't they have these seats when my kids were young?  I wonder how many hours I spent holding their little butts over the big open hole so they wouldn't fall in (one of their biggest fears).

We left a note taped to the door alerting the boys to a "surprise".  The boys went in, expecting toys.  To say they were disappointed is a big understatement.  We should have known better.

In an effort to make up for our less than exciting surprise, we went back the next day.  This time we left a box of their favorite donuts in the bathroom, along with the note on the door.

When the boys and their mother came home that evening, Odin saw the note, and said to his mother, "It's not another toilet seat, is it?"  Silly boy!  How many toilet seats does one bathroom need?

Needless to say, he was much happier with the donuts, and was looking through his toys for a "surprise" to give Grandma and Grandpa.  What a sweetie pie!  I think Torren was unfazed by the whole thing.

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