Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day #20 - Facebook Hint

OMG - this is such a cheesy excuse for a blog post, but I am so excited.

The other day, I complained about Facebook taking away the ability to not have to see everything that your "friends" like and/or comment on, especially when it does not concern mutual friends.  For instance, I could care less if one of my causal acquaintances commented on posts of one of their nieces or nephews.

I found this quite by accident, and although it has only been a few hours, I think it works.  If you enable the "ticker" on the right edge of the page (by all the ads), then those "like" and "comment" notifications show up there, and NOT on your wall.  For me, the ticker thing is the lesser of two evils.

Disclaimer:  I think my newsfeed is less bogged down with the likes and comments of others, but I can't be sure.  Maybe my friends are just having a non-participatory day.  Time will tell.

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