Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Day #18 - Sunrise or Sunset?

I'm definitely a sunrise girl.  It is what I miss most about living in Hawaii.  We had a beautiful sunrise view from our lanai.  I would get up really early (never did get break out of the Pacific Time), and watch the skies change from black to dark blue and then just light and lighter, filling the skies with pinks, oranges and yellows.  It was so uplifting to me.

Then we spent some time in Arizona and I learned to love their sunsets.  Gorgeous!  There is no other word for it.

And now we are back in Washington.  With our hot weather (unseasonably hot - and I don't mind saying I'm pretty sick of it), we've had some lovely sunsets recently.  Hard to catch the depth of the pinks and reds with an iPhone camera, but these are the best I've done this summer.

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  1. Definitely a sunset person here. I'm not known for being an early riser (except when I have to work).