Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day #13 - Senior Moments

I started the day by congratulating myself for doing things like word puzzles each day to keep my brain active.  I should have known better......

While making hummingbird food (see below for a no-fail technique), I poured boiling water from our electric tea/hot water kettle into a heavy glass measuring cup.  I didn't want the cup to crack so I quickly dumped it in the bowl with the sugar.  And then, I'm not sure why, but I continued to pour water all over the kettle's electric base.  I probably only poured a few tablespoons before I realized what I was doing, but still you gotta love those senior moments.  I unplugged the base, and quickly dried the counter, the base and the trivet the base was on.  I went off to tell my husband what had happened just in case he planned on using the kettle soon.  I wanted time to let the base dry completely in case any water dripped into the casing.

While all this was going on, I had put frozen waffles in the toaster, and I had started the dishwasher.  The waffles had popped up and weren't really cooked through and through, so I put them down again to run another cycle.  Or rather I tried to put them down.  I apparently broke the toaster as well.  I called husband into the kitchen, again.  He unplugged and replugged in the toaster.  He shook it to clean out the crumbs in the bottom, and we tried the waffles again.  No go.  Oh well, luke warm waffles - whoopee!  "Try not to break anything else in the next few minutes," husband said as he went down the hall.

That is when I noticed the dishwasher had quit running.  Oh crap!  Replacing a tea kettle and a toaster is one thing, but I really did not want to have to replace the dishwasher.  A quick prayer, and it occurred to me that perhaps I had tripped the breaker when I poured the water over the kettle's base.  Thankfully, that is exactly what had happened.  I restarted the dishwasher.  Added my waffles back into the toaster for another round.  And fingers crossed, when I plug in the tea kettle tomorrow morning, we will have hot water in about 90 seconds.

As you get older, these senior moments just start happening.  Most of the ones I experience are the word finding difficulties - I couldn't remember the term hash browns yesterday.  I could describe them, but I just couldn't remember "hash browns".  I'm sure I'm not the only one my age who walks into another room for something, and when I get there, I can't remember what it was.  This was my first experience with something could have been dangerous.  Should I be shocked?  (Hahaha - get it - shocked?)  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Hummingbird Food:  Back story - I knew to make hummingbird food, you use 1 part sugar to 4 parts water.  If it gets more sweet than that, it attracts bees.  I usually watch the pot to make sure I take it off just when it starts to boil, and then it does not get too syrupy.    Recently, I've had one feeder that has just been really popular with the bees.  I took it down and washed it throughly.  (And now the hint) I mentioned it to a friend and asked if she had any hints.  She suggested that I boil the water separately, then combine it with the sugar, stir, cool and add to the feeders.  I've been doing this for two weeks now with excellent success.

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