Saturday, August 1, 2015

Day #1 - Getting The Right Mind Set

Anyone who read my blog or knows me well knows that I am all about the power of positive thinking.  I try to post 10 affirmations each month.  My choices for August come from a little Unity booklet called Empowering Prayers For Everyday Life.

I am calm, centered and at peace.

I vibrate with harmony and wholeness.

I am free with the knowledge that all is good.

My thoughts are filled with light and joy.

The miracle of life works its wonders in me, and I am grateful.

I am at peace with all people and all things.

I am blessed with happiness, success and true achievement.

My mind no longer clings to the complexity of mortal finances.

I consciously choose love over hates, peace over conflict, compassion over fear.

I trust God to reveal the blessing in every situation.

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