Friday, July 10, 2015

The 100 Day Challenge: Days #94 and #95

Apparently, I lost another day.  For Day #94, I share a few pictures from my garden.

Every year, I grow strawberries.  The last few years, my grandson Odin has eaten them all.  This year, the squirrels have joined him in getting to the berries before I have a chance to taste them.  However, I just got lucky.  For whatever reason, the squirrels have left this basket alone, and Odin hasn't been here for a few days.  Score!

The other two things I routinely plant are cherry tomatoes and pickling cucumbers.  I eat the cucumbers as soon as they are big enough to pick.  My tomatoes are going nuts and I'm guessing they are all going to turn ripe at the same time.  These are the golden/sunburst cherry tomatoes - just starting to turn.

Day #95 (today), I walked down Pine Street to 6th Street.  There is a cute little community that is accessed over this little wooden bridge.  These shots were taken from the bridge.

I can hardly believe I have only 5 days left on this challenge.

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