Sunday, July 5, 2015

The 100 Day Challenge: Days #89 and #90

My nephew married the love of his life on the 4th of July.  Between us, my sister and I have 6 children.  Jon was the last to marry.  I took a few pictures but mostly I was just enjoying the day.  The picture I chose is of the Mother (my sister) and Groom dancing.  It was very sweet.

We got home in time to watch grandson Odin enjoy his "fireworks".  Because it has been so hot and dry, he was limited to smoke bombs and snakes.  He had so many that we took a break to go water the vegetable garden.  Odin looked at me and said, "Oh Grandma - look! You are growing pickles!"  I didn't have the heart to tell him that those cucumbers will never make it to pickles.  I love cucumbers!

After our busy day yesterday, I spent most of the day doing absolutely nothing.  I spent a fair amount of time on the deck, hoping to catch a breeze.  I noticed a little chickadee sitting on top of the hummingbird hanger.  The sun was in my eyes and I thought I had taken pictures of him.  Alas, I missed, but I did capture a hummingbird that I didn't know was there.

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