Thursday, July 2, 2015

The 100 Day Challenge: Day #87 - Centennial Trail Meets The Snohomish River Trail

We didn't know if the services of Grandma and Grandpa would be required this morning (one grandson was sent home sick from day-care yesterday), so we decided to stick close to home.  Neither Kim nor I had been on what I think is the newest section of the Centennial Trail.  We started at the corner of Maple and Pine.  The trail wanders past local businesses and residential areas, but is off the main streets.  Not particularly scenic but better than walking on the regular sidewalks.  It ends at what I think is still called First Street. (First street kind of bends and turns, but I don't think the name changes.)  If you walk a block here and a block there, you can connect up with the Snohomish River Trail.  There were not a lot of scenic landscape opportunities (which are my favorite), but here are a few things that caught my attention.

The above sign does not actually mark the beginning of the trail.  This is taken looking north from Second Street.  There is actually a few blocks of trail winding through a residential section going south from here.

This pleases me no end that someone thought to provide a drinking fountain for dogs!

As I mentioned, this is not a really scenic part of the trail as you can see above.  You are not on the front side of businesses, but you do pass by The Senior Center, The Library, McDaniel's Hardware, and the Snohomish Co-Op.

And then you get down to the Snohomish River Trail, which is very pleasant.  There are a few picnic spots, and steps up to access First Street, where all the antique shops are - kind of what Snohomish is known for.

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