Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The 100 Day Challenge: Day #72 - The Rhododendron and Lake Cassidy Trailheads - Centennial Trail Snohomish County WA

Today we drove up to the Rhododendron Trailhead of the Centennial Trail.  I'm not sure why these trailheads are not marked - no signage whatsoever - until you are in the lot.  You can find the trailheads on the website map, and even better, check the satellite view or Google Map Directions, because the map is vague.

We parked in the Rhododendron lot.  It is small, and I saw no rhodies - go figure.  There is an area for equestrian parking.  And the all important porta-potty.

Here is the Lake Cassidy Trailhead.  I just shake my head because the "road" access is more like someone's driveway and there is no signage from the street.

We usually walk between 7 and 8 am.  This is the most people we have seen on the trail in one spot.  Note:  We do not walk the trail on the weekend.  It is usually packed!

And this pleasant surprise as we were leaving the parking area.

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