Monday, June 15, 2015

The 100 Day Challenge: Day #70 - Centennial Trail Machias Trailhead

Kim and I were looking at a map of the Centennial Trail (running from Snohomish to Arlington, WA), and he mentioned he had not been to the Machias Trailhead.  I was a little surprised, because I had been there many times.  I guess we aren't always together.  Who knew!

The Machias Trailhead is at the site of the old Machias Train Depot.  There is access for walking, biking and horse-back riding.  And there are bathrooms!  Plus a playground.

I am fond of this section of trail because of the diversity of the landscape.  There are views of trees, pastures, creeks; there are sections of shade and sections of sunshine (yes, the sun does shine in Western Washington).

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