Friday, June 12, 2015

The 100 Day Challenge: Day #67 - Hwy 92 - The Centennial Trail, Lake Stevens WA

This morning's walk took us up to try to find the Hwy 92 trailhead for the Centennial Trail.  The address on the official website does not take you to the parking. We finally looked at an aerial map to try to figure it out.  If you are a local, heading north on the Snohomish Machias Road, you turn left at the Lake Connor Store, then take your next right.  Follow the road around the 90 degree turn, and then take the next right.  The small trailhead parking (with a single portapotty) is on your right.

This is another of my "not so favorite" parts of the trail. It's a bit like driving down a long tree lined road, with mostly the same trees and nothing else to catch your eye. I will say that it is straight, wide and well paved. The other thing I noticed was there were private trail accesses from gated communities in the area. That was new to me. I haven't seen any of those from that trailhead south. I'm adding a few other shots here but really there was nothing outstanding photographically speaking - for me anyway. 

I did get a "not so great" shot of this little blacked headed towhee.

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