Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The 100 Day Challenge: Day #38 - A Drive Around Alki Beach

Every 4 -6 weeks, I drive from my home in Snohomish down to West Seattle (about 30 miles) to get my hair cut by my niece, Opal Fitzpatrick, at the Ola Salon.  I grew up in West Seattle, so every month I get to meet a dear friend or two for lunch after my hair appointment.  Today we decided to try a new burger joint on Alki, Blue Moon Burgers. (It's where the gas station, then auto repair shop, used to be.)  Lunch was okay; the time spent with my friend - priceless.  It's hard to go to West Seattle, and not cruise Alki and Beach Drive.  It was raining, but I jumped out of the car and snapped a few photos.

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