Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Stuffed Peppers Recipe

I found this recipe on Pinterest.  My husband does not like peppers.  Not green peppers, not red peppers, not yellow or orange peppers.  He was not interested in this recipe at all.  I picked it because I thought I could follow it, limit the number of peppers, and put the extra stuffing in a ramekin dish and cook it for him, not letting any of those horrid peppers touch his food.

This comes from The Table For Two Blog.  I served it with some sour cream and salsa for topping, and a side salad.  Husband said it was okay.  Adult daughter (who joined us for dinner that night) and I thought it was really good.

Complete directions and pictures are available here:  Stuffed Peppers

Here are my simplified directions:

Cut 2 or 3 yellow or orange peppers in half.  Remove seeds.  Rub skin side with a little olive oil.  Place cut side up on a baking sheet and cook at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes.  Set aside to cool a little.

In the meantime, saute some chopped onion (about ½ large onion) in olive oil until softened.  Add ½ - 1 lb of ground turkey.  Season with salt and pepper.  When turkey is almost browned, add 1 tbsp taco seasoning.  When this is mixed and the turkey is browned, add 1 cup (about a half a can) black beans which have been drained and rinsed, and 1 cup corn (recipe calls for frozen corn but I used a small can of corn instead).  Lower heat and continue cooking for about 5 minutes until flavors meld.

Spoon filling into the pepper halves and put in a casserole dish; for the non-pepper people use a ramekin dish or small casserole. Top with grated cheese.  I used sharp cheddar.  Recipe says to put in under the broiler for a few minutes.  I just put it back in the oven, and turned up the heat to 425 degrees for 5 minutes.


I had extra filling left because I used 1 pound of meat instead of the ½ lb the recipe called for.  I will be using this in a soft taco for lunch!