Monday, November 24, 2014

To Shop Or Not To Shop On Thanksgiving Day

I'm not shopping on Thanksgiving.  I'm also not shopping on Black Friday.  I'd love to say it is because I'm done with my shopping, but that would not be the truth.

I'm not shopping on Thanksgiving, because I will be cleaning house.  I'm not shopping on Friday because my family will be celebrating Thanksgiving that day.  It was the only day that week that we could all be together as a family.  And to me - that is the point - the act of being with loved ones, creating memories, enjoying good food, counting our blessings.

So what is the big deal about shopping on Thursday?  I have friends and relatives who adamantly oppose shopping on Thanksgiving Day.  The general feeling is that employees should be home celebrating with their families and friends.  One of my friends boycotts those stores that are open on Thanksgiving for the entire year (and not just until the end of the calendar year, but for the next 364 days)!  I admire those people that feel so strongly about something and take such a personal stance.  I may not agree with them, but I do admire them.

Let's face it - lots of people work on holidays.  First and foremost - the first responders (police and fire department personnel, 911 operators), hospital employees, utility workers.  What about airline employees, hotel and restaurant workers, tax cab drivers?  Grocery store and 24 hour convenience store employees?  Are you going to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the football game (Go Seahawks!) or binge watch something on-demand?  Somebody is working on Thanksgiving Day to provide that entertainment for you.  The list goes on and on.  We can't boycott every business that has employees working on Thanksgiving.

Remember, there are blessings here as well.  People who work the holidays generally get paid double time.  Customers usually tip better for services they receive on the holidays.  That added income may make a huge difference to those workers.  And not to mention that huge savings and increased sales do make a difference to the economy for both customers and investors.  In a perfect situation, all employees would be given the choice to work or not.

As in all things, there are pros and cons to each side.  My point is that in the general scheme of things, IMHO, having stores open on Thanksgiving is neither good nor bad.  It is an individual choice as to whether or not you will shop or not that day.  For those of you that feel strongly about not shopping on Thanksgiving, I respect your opinion.  I won't be shopping - I'll be cleaning and prepping for our celebration on Friday.  However, I will be grateful for all those that will be working on the holiday.  May you be blessed, appreciated and rewarded for your time and energy.

Here's wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, no matter what you are doing.

And did I say - Go Seahawks!