Thursday, July 3, 2014

When Celebrities Die....

(I really wish I had a very clever line to follow the title of this entry, but alas, I do not......)

Usually when a celebrity passes away, you hear about it via social media, on the radio, on the nightly news or on a ticker tape type scrolling on the bottom of the screen if you are watching the ET network.    Often times we think, "Oh that's too bad...I really loved him/her in fill in the blank ."  Sometimes, it might be an actor that you are currently enjoying in a TV series or blockbuster movie sequel.  For me, I really mourned the death of John Spencer who played Leo McGarry on West Wing.  I loved the Leo character, and I loved the way John Spencer played that role and many others in film and TV.

Another passing that upset me was the death of Robert B. Parker.  I loved his books, and the characters he created.  As I work on my first novel, Robert B. Parker continues to be an inspiration to me.  I was very sad to see the last of those characters.

But wait!  Mr. Parker's estate has allowed the characters to continue, through the talents of other writers.  While I enjoyed the Jesse Stone and Sunny Randall series when Parker was writing, I haven't read any of the new releases by other authors.  I have, however, just discovered Ace Atkins has continued with the Spenser series.  I bought the three books released so far, and was praying that Mr. Atkins was able to write dialogue and create story lines worthy of Spenser and Robert B. Parker.

I'm now on the third book and I'm happy to say that Ace Atkins has not disappointed me.  And actually the whole purpose of this blog entry is to share a line from Robert B. Parker's Cheap Shot by Ace Atkins.  (A little background if you are not familiar with the books and/or character.  Spenser is a former law enforcement officer.  His significant other, Susan Silverman, is a Harvard educated fashionable woman.  His dog, Pearl - and technically in this book it is Pearl the 2nd - is a German Shorthaired Pointer.)  I just love it when I'm reading along and come on a line that so perfectly describes a situation that I can pretty much hear it, feel it, see it, and know exactly how all parties are behaving and thinking.  Maybe you have to be a dog person to get this....

"She picked at the pizza, taking in little nibbles in a distinctly Susan Silverman way. Pearl seemed frustrated and annoyed by this.  Gobbling was the appropriate course of action."

There are a number of authors and actors that I pray live long and prosperous lives, continuing to do the work they love (at least I assume they love it as they do it so well), and Ace Atkins, blessings to you for letting Spenser live on.

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