Monday, June 30, 2014


There was a time when my husband and I had many discussions on the topic of reincarnation.  He believed in multiple lives, where you lived, died and came back again as a baby to try, try again.  I believed in a single life; you were born, you lived, you died, you went to heaven or someplace that was not heaven.  (I've never believed in the concept of a fiery hell where you burned for all eternity - The God I knew in my heart would not punish His beloved children in such a way.  The God I knew in my heart was a loving and forgiving God.)  These discussions never went anywhere because of course neither of us had any proof that the other one was wrong.  It was just what we believed as individuals.

Then came the fateful (to me anyway) morning that I awoke and suddenly announced that I now believed in reincarnation.  I have no real explanation for the change in my opinion.  I just woke up believing differently.  Now, if you have had any training or read any books/articles on the topic of metaphysics, you may believe I was taken to "class" or "school" on a different plane during my dream time.  And that I had a break-through, thus waking up with a very different understanding of the topic of reincarnation or being born again.

Perhaps that is what happened.  Or perhaps I was taken over by a demon.  I don't know.  And if you hold a strong opinion, one way or the other, that's okay with me.  This is not about your opinion.  It is about my experience.

It is because I don't know why I had such a dramatic change of opinion that I find the subject of reincarnation fascinating.  When I took my hypnotherapy training, one of my favorite subjects was past life regressions.  For the record, I was never anyone famous, and no one that I regressed was anyone famous.  All experiences were just learning experiences.  It reminds me of something Joel Osteen said in one of his sermons recently.  He was talking about the challenges in life, and he said, "Don't go through it - GROW through it."

This morning as I was reading Around The Year With Emmet Fox, a book of 365 daily meditations, I came across this entry and wanted to share it.

"Why is reincarnation necessary?  Why do we come back for short excursions of perhaps seventy or eighty years instead of, let us say, living one very long lifetime of perhaps a thousand or even several thousand years?

"The explanation lies in man's reluctance to adopt new ideas and adapt himself to changing conditions.  In each new experience, however, he wants to do things in new ways; then as the years of his maturity go by, the strong race suggestions all around him gradually get their way.  He begins to acquire vested interests (mentally) in the status quo.  The only remedy, when crystallization sets in, is to remove him from the earth plane altogether; send him to the etheric planes for rest, reflection, assimilations, and general readjustment; and then bring him back once more as a baby, to experience a new youth and a new period of true spiritual production.

"There are other reasons why multiple lives are necessary.  You need to develop every side of your character.  You need to learn lessons of discipline and self-restraint, and you need to learn to use authority in the right way.  You need to learn the lesson of getting on with other people, and you must also learn to be alone.  You must learn to bear failure and disappointment with fortitude and you must learn to stand success without allowing your head to be turned.  You have to learn both patience and the lesson of enterprise and adventure.  Above all, you have to move about in time and space so that you may learn that nothing God made is really foreign or separate - and this could not be done in one lifetime."

Something to think about anyway......

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  1. Betsy,
    What a wonderful, insightful, deep blog.. Thank you for letting us see into a transformation you've experienced. I find myself drawn more and more to a belief in reincarnation. But my idea of reincarnation is not limited to life on earth. Have you ever heard Train's song, "Drops of Jupiter"? I think we may even experience being part of the universe in reincarnation. Something to consider. I like the idea.

    Thanks for giving me something to consider in more depth.