Sunday, June 8, 2014

Birthdays Ending In Zero

Why is it the birthdays ending in zero are so monumental?  At ten, you are finally into the double digits.  At twenty, you are almost to legal drinking age and would be considered an adult.  At thirty, you wondering and/or worrying about your career, your marital/family status, and seriously pondering if you shouldn't be more mature and wise at this stage of your life.  Along comes forty, and you realize that getting older isn't all that bad.  You've become more confident and secure. And then comes fifty....okay getting older isn't bad, but what is with all these aches and pains?  At least you are beginning to be comfortable with who you are.

I've arrived at sixty.  I'm blessed to be able to say I am quite healthy.  I'm retired and enjoying life.  I am looking forward to sixty-five when hopefully Medicare will kick in, and maybe the cost of health insurance will no longer be my biggest monthly expense.  It saddens me that many friends have already crossed over to the other side of life.  I hope they are partying up a storm - I'm sure that is what they would be doing if they were still here.  With age does come wisdom and a greater appreciation for life, with all its ups and downs, challenges and celebrations.  You learn to live in the moment and appreciate the little things in life - that first cup of coffee in the morning, the sound of the birds chirping, a phone call (or smart assed text message) from a friend, the sound of laughter and so on.  Really, getting older ain't at all bad!  And this coming from a person of that generation that thought 30 was older than dirt!

So Happy Birthday to me!  It's time to get today's party started.  Now where did I put the cork screw?

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  1. Happy birthday, Betsy. Enjoy your day. (I'm 61-1/2 and feel great! Do I really have to wait until 65 for Medicare??)