Saturday, May 17, 2014

Somewhere Along The Line, I Lost A Week

And I just hate it when that happens!

Last Saturday was just one of those days.  We had unexpected company show up, and we had dinner plans to celebrate a friend's 75th birthday!  Good Lord, I remember the days when I didn't even know anyone that old, with the exception of grandparents!  Now I have friends that age.  It's really rather frightening!

Anyway, as the company was family, we had no problem ditching them to go out to dinner at Arnie's Restaurant in Mukilteo, WA.  It was a lovely surprise party for our friend Bruce.  Good wine.  Great food.  Excellent cake.  A beautiful view!

Did I mention the cake?  Oy Vey!  A white cake with fresh fruit (blueberries and strawberries) and the best white chocolate cream cheese frosting I have ever tasted!  The waiter cut these huge slices and what possessed me to eat the whole slice is beyond me.

Unfortunately, I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible upper abdominal pain.  I had 3 other episodes earlier this year while we were on our RV journey.  This one had lasted 5 hours and was getting worse.  So rather than enjoying Mother's Day by relaxing with a lovely brunch and mimosas, I spent the day relaxing in the ER with IV Dilaudid and an anti-nausea medication.  I'm sure with our new high deductible health insurance policy, this little visit will end up costing me more than if I had actually taken my kids, their spouses and the grandkids out for brunch.

The general consensus was that this was a gallbladder attack, and I was scheduled for an abdominal ultrasound.  I am to follow up with a GI Surgeon on Monday the 19th.

I hate to state the obvious, but being sick just sucks!  It has taken me the whole week to get back to feeling normal.  I'm extremely delighted to say that I am having no more pain or nausea, and I'm back to eating like I usually do.  The ER Doctor had recommended a no-fat diet.  Like that was going to happen .  I tried low fat for a few days but I just felt off.  I like to eat a whole food type diet.  I shop the outside aisles of the grocery store.  I don't choose low-fat because the manufacturers just add sugar and other chemicals to the product to make it palatable after they remove the fat.  I do feel best filling half my plate with fruits and vegetables, a quarter with protein, and a quarter with a whole grain bread or starch.

We will see what the doctor has to say on Monday.  I've spent this week blessing my gallbladder and expressing gratitude for my healthy body.  Change your thoughts, change your experiences - that's what I teach, what I preach and what I believe.

And on the woo-woo side of things - when I was laying on a gurney in an Emergency Room,  I heard the woman next to me say her name was "Aleda".  That was my mom's name.  As we were leaving, I asked the woman how she spelled it.  It was just as my mom did - Aleda.  I had never met anyone with that name, spelled that way.  Neither had she.  If that wasn't my mom reaching out from heaven to say "Hello" - I don't know what it would be.  Happy Mother's Day, Mom - I hope yours was much more comfortable than mine!

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