Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm Baaaccckkkk

Well, sort of.  I am back in the sense that we have returned from our 7 week RVing venture to Southern California and Arizona. I was posting on our RV Virgins Blog pretty regularly.  We got home and any blogging schedule I had established came to a halt.  First there was unpacking the rig, a task that always takes longer than one would think it should.  Then there was (and continues to be) yard work. One of these times I am going to budget for a yard person to come and take care of the mowing and the weeds before we get home. (Bless my son-in-law for mowing a few weeks before we got home, otherwise, it would have been a disaster!) And of course, we had to have time with our grandsons!  Love them to pieces, but they are little germ factories!  So after loving them up, we promptly got sick.  I was the last one to get hit with the current GI bug, but I'm up and feeling inspired this morning.

My first question to myself is why am I more productive as far as blogging goes when I am on the road?  Perhaps because I'm having new experiences that I'd like to share.  Perhaps because I'm not distracted by the endless household and yard chores that are calling to me when we are home.  Perhaps because I made it a priority while we were gone that I was going to do some writing each day.  In my mind, I was going to be working on my novel.  HA!  Never wrote a word on it.  I refreshed my mind about where I was in the process when I put it down last year.  Thought about it a bit, but never wrote anything.  But, I did blog.

I made my way through Julia Cameron's book The Sound Of Paper.  I kind of wish I had read it before I worked my way through The Artist's Way.  Maybe I would be more committed to my creativity.  Ms. Cameron does hammer into your head that the "job" is to show up.  And that you have to be willing to be bad in order that you can be good.  There are times I think I've got the "bad" down and am ready to move toward good, but I leave out the first part of the job, which is showing up.  So I am back also in the sense of making a commitment to write something each day.  I'm willing to be bad in order to become good.  I'm willing to be bad at writing, bad at sketching, bad at painting, and bad at cooking.   However, I may surprise myself.  You never know when something magical is going to happen when you just show up.

Today, I show up.

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