Monday, December 17, 2012

Giving Up and Resorting To Prayer

Tossing out the Raspberry Ketones - one month on them and no weight loss.  Cancelled my Sensa Autoship Membership.  Four months and no weigh loss, although I have to say I'm toying with the idea of using up months 5 and 6 of the sprinkles as I already paid for them.  It took a while to cancel my membership on-line because the site kept offering me better and better prices.  The final offer was 50% off the next shipments.  Still, I declined.

In my frustration, I turned to prayer.  I've prayed about my weight all through this journey.  I'm impatient and wanted quick results.  I guess what I want and what works best may not be the same thing.  So back to (journalling my food) I will go.

Who in their right mind gets serious about weight loss one week before Christmas??????

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