Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life Purpose

Back in my "past life" of being a professional psychic/intuitive/spiritual counselor, I was taught that the 3 most popular topics I would encounter in doing readings were health, love life and life purpose.  My experience has taught me that the answers are the same for all three:

1.  The only constant is change.
2.  Trust your gut. 

Today's topic is Life Purpose.  It came up because of something I read this morning.  I went back to see what it was that prodded me to write on this topic, and danged if I can find it.  Perhaps it was just during my meditation time, while I was trying not to chastise myself for my sorely missed writing schedule, that I began to think about how our "purpose" changes from time to time.

I believe our primary purpose here on earth is to love - to show love, to give love, to be love, to vibrate loving energy.  It only stands to reason that in order to embody that love, we need to love what we are doing.

When I first started working, I knew I wanted to work in the medical field in some way, shape or form.  I did many things in this area from working in a hospital as a ward runner (fancy name for the bottom of the food chain in a hospital wing), a receptionist in a doctor's office, a transcriptionist, a lab assistant, medical claims assistant, and finally medical office management.  I enjoyed my work, was happy doing it, until one day I knew it was time to move on.

I took on a position as an administrator/office assistant for a spiritual teacher who taught psychic development classes.  I also had a part time counseling and hypnotherapy practice.  This was also very rewarding work.  I was able to meet many wonderful people, counsel and assist people on their spiritual journey.  I enjoyed this work very much....that is until I didn't.  Time to move on again.

Next step:  Retirement.  Now those who are retired know that there really is no such thing.  You find yourself doing stuff that you enjoy, that occupies a good deal of your time, and doesn't pay nearly as well as your "regular job" did, if at all.  You are far more busy once you retire than you ever were while working.

I had about six months of "retirement" where I spent a good deal of time writing and researching for a novel I intended to write.....and still intend to write. 

Then grandchildren happened.  Following my heart, my joy, my love - I've been devoting most of my time to my grandkids.  I still enjoy writing, but I enjoy my grandkids more.  My gut instinct is that right now, this is my life purpose - to care for them, to guide them, to inspire them, to teach them, to love them. 

At some point, I will go back to writing more than just an occasional blog entry, but right here, right now, my life purpose is to be a full time grandma!  Can't you just feel the love?

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