Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunrise - The Best Part Of The Day

The six months we lived in Hawaii were some of the worst of times, for me.  Odd, considering Hawaii is considered to be a type of paradise.  The one thing I miss, however, are the sunrises.  I loved sitting on the lanai, watching the sun come up.  It was a meditative time for me.  Seeing the shifts from total darkness to daylight gave me hope.  My faith grew, and I became to know that truly, wherever I am, God is, and all is well.

Back on the mainland, close to family and friends, life is good.  Life is better than I could have imagined, sitting there on that lanai 3 years ago, wondering what the heck had gone wrong, and how would I ever get past it.  Well, I am still working on the fully and freely forgiving, and letting it go, part, but I spend more time thinking about how wonderful life is now than I do thinking how awful that experience in Hawaii was.  Energy follows thought.  So here's to thinking more and more and more about the good things in life!

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