Saturday, February 4, 2012

So Much For Writing Something Everyday.....

Apparently, I need an 'assignment' to write.  One of my favorite exercises in a high school writing class was to jot down everything thought that came to you during the 40 minute class.  From all those random thoughts, you were to pick one and begin to write. 

Over the last few days, I've been jotting down topics about which to write.  Nothing has truly inspired me as of yet, but here are some of the random topics that I'm thinking about.

Weight Loss - ah there's a surprise.  I've been the queen of diets, tried most everything, stuck with none of them.  Now it is time to apply some of the things I've learned from the teachings of Abraham-Hicks toward this goal.  One thing I read in Money And The Law Of Attraction was the analogy of using a map to navigate your way around.  You can't use a map of Canada and expect to find your way around the USA.  I want to spend more time looking at what gets me to my weight loss goal in a happy fashion.  That involves changing my thinking about diets (for instance, that they are limiting) and paying less attention about what works for others and more attention about what works for me.

We need a new political party!  The Love Party? The Integrity Party?  The Justice Party?  The Peace Party?  The Unity Party?  Like many people, I get plain sick and tired of hearing criticism from one candidate or party about the other.  Don't tell me what's wrong with them.   Tell me about you! 

Have you ever noticed that singing The Lord's Prayer is more powerful than just saying it?

I really like the TV Show, The Talk.  The opening sequences are similar to The View without all the arguing.  The 5 women are just talking - sharing thoughts and opinions, and not taking it personally when someone disagrees.  It's like friends just getting together for coffee or drinks and having a good time.

And in my best Marlon Brando voice - "I coulda been a Catholic!"  I having been thoroughly enjoying My Life With The Saints by James Martin, and through this book have discovered the writings of Ignatius of Loyola and Thomas Merton.

And it was in a book about Thomas Merton that I found this quote from the editor "After all, a writer wants nothing more than to be read."  Yep, ain't that the truth!  But Betsy - you have to actually write something if you want someone to read it!

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