Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 7 The Four Be's To Abundance Plan

Be Grateful

I am grateful for:

1.  My faith
2.  My husband.
3.  Our 3 kids.
4.  Our 3 grandkids.
5.  Our son-in-law and our daughter-in-law
6.  My parents and the way I was raised.
7.  My husband's parents and the way he was raised.

Be Positive

1.  Today and everyday, I trust in the wisdom and goodness of life.
2.  God is the source of my supply.
3.  I am prosperous.
4.  I am rich beyond measure.
5.  I always have more than enough.
6.  The more I have, the more I have to give.
7.  I love to tithe in the thousands of dollars.

Be Clear (about your desires)

I desire:

1.  to be happy today.
2.  to be healthy today.
3.  to be wealthy today.
4.  to be wise today.
5.  to have a normal body mass index for my height in a healthy manner.
6.  to pay off our mortgage.
7.  to pay off our equity loan

Be Prepared (Have a plan/budget for spending)

Today I have $7000.  I will tithe $700 and I will save $700.  The remaining $5600 will go toward paying off the principle on our mortgage.

Today's affirmation is "I love to tithe in the thousands of dollars."  This is an affirmation I created for myself at a time that I was trying NOT to put a money-specific amount on what I wanted to manifest.  I figured if I was tithing a thousand dollars or more, well that meant I had at least $10,000, and that was more than enough income at that time.  It is another way to think about manifesting and ties in well with the affirmation from yesterday.

I grew up with the idea of tithing as that was part of my religious upbringing.  As a young child, I was sure I would burn in hell if I didn't hand over 10% of my allowance or cash gifts.  I was afraid NOT to tithe, but I couldn't see any benefit in it, other than saving my soul.  Sometime later in my youth, my mother introduced the idea of donating to charity.  This was also about the time I first remember being told to clean my plate and think about all the starving children in Biafra (if you weren't born in the 50s or early 60s, you'll probably have to google Biafra LOL).  One time, I countered with, "Why don't we just send them money, and they can buy their own food.  I don't think they'd like this dinner either."  While I'm sure my folks wanted to send me to my room for being a smart-mouth, they instead took the opportunity to talk about giving to those in need. 

When I hit my late teens, the idea of tithing or donating to charities went out the window.  There were many more fun things on which to spend my hard earned money.  After all, it was MY money.  Needless to say, like most teens and young adults, this was not the most profitable or abundant time in my life.

Then I got married and had kids.  I had to think about how I was going to raise them, and what I was going to teach them.  I remembered, when I was a teenager, most likely I was demanding a new car because "all the other kids got new cars" (yeah, right), my mother told me that all she owed me was a roof over my head, clothes to keep me warm, food on my plate, and a secular and religious education.  God gave me common sense, and the rest was up to me.  I could find a way to buy my own car.  As a young mother, that stuck with me, and I figured I owed my kids the same.  So off to church we went, and we had the same discussions over the years about offerings at church and donating to charity.  When my kids complained about dinner, I told them to think about the starving children in India or Ethiopia and got basically the same responses I gave my parents.  (Karma sucks - but that's another topic)

I was not as good as my folks about instilling a religous belief system in my kids, but we did focus alot of energy on things such as the Golden Rule, being polite, caring about others, and basic human decency.  They turned out okay.

You know, there is nothing like personal tragedy or defeat to urge one to turn to God (or whatever term one may use for that power greater than ourselves).  My husband and I have had a few of those types of tragedies over the years.  In the midst of a serious financial crisis, we started attending our local Unity Church.  I picked Unity after being introduced to the work of Catherine Ponder.  (This is not her website per se, but it is a link to some of her essays, if you are not familar with her work.   We eventually took a class at that church called The 4T Prosperity Program.  The 4 Ts stand for Tithing of Time, Talents and Treasures.  We got back into the habit of tithing through this class.  And I have to tell you, miracles occurred.  It's too personal a story to share in a public platform, but I witnessed personally the power of tithing.  And I've tithed ever since.

More than a few times, I have had the pleasure of tithing in the thousands of dollars.  Recently I had the pleasure of tithing in the tens of thousands of dollars. The act of doing that is in my top 10 favorite things that I have ever done. 

Tithing is one of those things that you take on faith.   Make a committment and try it for a year.  I am confident you will reap far more benefits than you thought possible with the simple act of giving 10% of your income to your church, spiritual teacher/leader, or charity.

I love to tithe in the thousands of dollars.

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