Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3 of The Four Be's To Abundance

Be Grateful:

I am grateful for my faith.
I am grateful for my husband.
I am grateful for our 3 kids.

Be Positive:

Today and every day, I will trust in the goodness and wisdom of life.
God is the Source of my supply.
I am prosperous.

Be Clear (with your desires):

I desire to be happy today.
I desire to be healthy today.
I desire to be wealthy today.

Be Prepared (in what you will do with your new abundance):

Today I have $3000 to spend ($1000 for each day of the month).  I will tithe $300, and put $300 in savings.  Utilities are $300.  I will budget $200 for gas/fuel for the car and truck this month.  The remaining $1900 will go in "escrow" toward paying off our mortgage.

"I AM PROSPEROUS" is one of my go-to affirmations.  It is the one I use first when I realize that I am not thinking about what I want or desire.  If I'm stuck in the muck of slow moving traffic, if I'm frustrated that my clothes don't fit, if I'm having a bad hair day, if something costs more than I wanted to pay for it - whatever the reason, the affirmation "I am prosperous" seems to help me pivot to more positive thoughts.  I first started using this affirmation when we took The 4 T Prosperity class at our local Unity Church.  Part of that program required that you repeat the phrase at least 100 times per day.  It became a habit for me, and I have found it very useful.

If you are interested in how affirmations can be life changing, I would suggest you check out the work of Florence Scovel Shinn, Catherine Ponder and other spiritually based writers/counselors.  Just google the word affirmation and you'll find all sorts of information.

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