Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20 Four Be's To Abundance

I am grateful for:

1. My faith in God.
2. My husband, Kim.
3. Our 3 kids, Tim, Ryan and Erin.
4. Our 3 grandkids, Trystan, Odin and Alex.
5. Our SIL Tom and DIL Patty.
6. My parents and the way I was raised.
7. Kim's parents and the way he was raised.
8. Our extended familes.
9. Our friends.
10. Our lifestyle (retired and living off investments)
11. The generosity of relatives who have crossed over.
12. The 10 lbs I've lost on the shortened hcg protocol.
13. My great money manager/investment advisor.
14. My healthy thyroid.
15. My normal eye pressure.
16. Living back in our house
17. That first cup of coffee each morning
18. A winning lottery scratch ticket ($20 - yay).
19. The safety of my family and friends who have had to be out on the road during this winter storm.
20  The warmer weather.

Be Positive:

1. Today and everyday, I trust in the wisdom and goodness of life.
2. God is the source of my supply.
3. I am prosperous.
4. I am rich beyond measure.
5. I always have more than enough.
6. The more I have, the more I have to give.
7. I love to tithe in the thousands of dollars.
8. I am healthy, wealthy and wise.
9. I am surrounded by people who love and support me.
10. I am filled with creative ideas.
11. I am a witty and prolific writer.
12. I vibrate at a level of joy and bliss.
13. There is only Divine Truth.
14. I fully and freely forgive and forget.
15. Every day, in every way, things are getting better and better.
16. Wherever I am, God is and all is well.
17. Out of this situation, only good can come.
18. I am perfect just the way I am.
19. I collaborate with God to bring peace, joy and laughter into all of my experiences.
20. I am divinely inspired in all that I do.

Be Clear (about your desires)

I desire:

1. to be happy today,
2. to be healthy today.
3. to be wealthy today.
4. to be wise today.
5. to have a normal body mass index for my height, in a healthy fashion.
6. to pay off our mortgage.
7. to pay off our equity loan.
8. to remodel the kitchen
9. to get a new kitchen appliances
10. to upgrade our electrical panel.
11. to finish painting inside the house (the living room, entry, hallway, master bedroom and downstairs plus ceilings).
12. to paint the exterior of the house.
13. for the weather to warm up.
14. to fix the front porch and entry where the concert is sinking and cracked.
15. to fix the bulkhead at the side of the house.
16. to have no snow here for the rest of the winter.
17. to have 20/20 vision without the use of contacts or glasses.
18. a soaking tub.
19. new windows
20. new shades

Be Prepared (in your spending plan)

Today I have $20,000.  $2000 tithe.  $2000 savings.  $7200 to finish kitchen remodel.  $8800 toward new appliances.

Today's affirmation: "I am divinely inspired in all that I do."

Usually when we see this type of affirmation, we think to use it when we are wanting to be inspired in a big way.  However, don't you think that every action we take is divinely inspired in some way?  For taking a different route home, to betting $20 on number 20 on the roulette wheel, to choosing to do an errand today instead of tomorrow.

This morning, I read about a man, Fabian, who travelled a fair distance one day to do some shopping.  As it happened, they were appointing a new pope that day.  Fabian stood by watching the procedure, and a dove landed on his head.  Those in charge felt this was a sign from God, and appointed Fabian the new pope.  Now granted this was in 250AD, not the 21st century.  Still,  he was divinely inspired to go to town.  Presumably the dove was divinely guided to land on his head (I don't think doves routinely land on people's heads).  And those in charge felt this was divine guidance to appoint this man - this farmer - as their new pope.

We are divinely inspired in all that we do.  Still, I'm going to be watching out for doves looking like they want to land somewhere close by.

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