Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2 of the Four Be's To Abundance Plan

(Note:  Remember to repeat the things from yesterday for the first 3 steps,  and add a new one for each new day.  Although I am typing this for the blog, I do hand write these out each morning.  I'm not sure what it is about the act of writing things out by hand, but most of the spiritual teachers and counselors I know all recommend this.  I myself find it a very powerful tool.)

Be Grateful:

Today I am grateful for my strong faith in the Creator God. 
I am also grateful for my husband who always has my back, and is pretty darn handy around the house!

Be Positive:

Today and every day, I will trust in the goodness and wisdom of life.
God is the Source of my supply.

Be Clear (about your desires):

I desire to be happy today.
I desire to be health today.

Be Prepared (for your abundance).

Today I have $2000 to spend.  I will spend $200 in tithes, and $200 in savings.  The balance will go toward most of my monthly bills - health insurance, phone and cell phone bills, Direct TV, and groceries.

I do not know the original source of the affirmation "God is the source of my supply."  It sounds very Catherine Ponder or Florence Scovel Shinn - like.  I began using it on a daily basis a few years ago when I was released from a job.  We had moved to Hawaii for this job and could not get out of the remaining 4 month lease on the condo in which we were staying.  My mental attitude sucked and I was on an emotional roller coaster over what had happened.  It was all I could do to keep from having my own 24 hour a day pity party.  I grasped on to tools I had learned over the years, one of which is repeating a simple affirmation whenever you become aware that you are looking at what you don't want rather than what you do.  "God is the source of my supply" became my mantra whenever my thoughts drifted to the money situation.  In this challenging economic climate, it's a very good affirmation to keep in your spiritual tool box.

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