Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 12 Four Be's To Abundance

Be Grateful

I am grateful for:

1. My faith In God.
2. My husband.
3. Our 3 kids.
4. Our 3 grandkids.
5. Our SIL and DIL.
6. My parents and the way I was raised.
7. Kim's parents and the way he was raised.
8. Our extended familes.
9. Our friends.
10. Our lifestyle (retired and living off investments)
11. The generosity of relatives who have crossed over.
12.  The 10 lbs I've lost over the last 12 days.

Be Positive:

1. Today and everyday, I trust in the wisdom and goodness of life.
2. God is the source of my supply.
3. I am prosperous.
4. I am rich beyond measure.
5. I always have more than enough.
6. The more I have, the more I have to give.
7. I love to tithe in the thousands of dollars.
8. I am healthy, wealthy and wise.
9. I am surrounded by people who love and support me.
10. I am filled with creative ideas.
11. I am a witty and prolific writer.
12.  I vibrate at a level of joy and bliss.

Be Clear (about your desires)

I desire

1. to be happy today,
2. to be healthy today.
3. to be wealthy today.
4. to be wise today.
5. to have a normal body mass index for my height, in a healthy fashion.
6. to pay off our mortgage.
7. to pay off our equity loan.
8. to remodel the kitchen
9. to get a new kitchen appliances
10. to upgrade our electrical panel.
11. to finish painting inside the house (the living room, entry, hallway, master bedroom and downstairs plus ceilings).
12.  to paint the exterior of the house.

Be Prepared (in your spending plan)

Today I  have $12,000.  $1200 tithe.  $1200 savings.  $9600 toward paying off the principle on our mortgage.

Today's affirmation, "I vibrate at a level of joy and bliss"  is one I created for myself.  Every morning, in addition to writing my Four Be's, I read uplifting, spiritually based books.  I usually have anywhere from 3 - 5 different books going.  This morning the passages in an Emmett Fox book and a Abraham-Hicks book both talked about having and creating joy in your life.  If you follow my entries dealing with my weight loss journey, you will know that I decided to stop the HCG protocol I was following, halfway through the course.  Not being joyful (because I was very, very hungry all day) played a big role in my decision.  Granted I'm not happy with my weight, but looking for a more joyful thought about the situation caused me to realize that I could approach weight loss in a more joyful manner. 

Next step:  To learn to be joyful and blissful about exercise.  Ahhhh, the journey continues.

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