Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Four Be's To Abundance


22 Days To A Shift In Your Financial Vibration

By Betsy M Brown

No matter whose book or website you read, or whose class you attend on the Laws of Attraction or similar topics, there are a few basic principles that are shared. I call these the Four Be’s.

Be Grateful.

Be Positive.

Be Clear.

Be Prepared.

These ideas are nothing new. I have worked with these principles for many years. I now present them to you in a simple format that I find has worked well for me, and for others. The idea behind this 22 day program is to stretch your creative mind and work your vibrational muscles. Just like any exercise program, you start out slowly, develop a foundation and build up from there.

Why 22 days?

First, it is said that it takes 21 days to change a habit. We are working here to shift out of our limited thinking and break any ties that bind us. The extra day gives us a boost in the right direction.

Second, in terms of numerology, 22 is a master number, often referred to as the Master Builder. The energy of the number 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality. It is unlimited, yet disciplined.

And finally, according to the book, Healing With The Angels, by Doreen Virtue, repetitive 2s mean “Our newly planted ideas are beginning to grow into reality. Keep watering and nurturing them, and soon they will push through the soil so you can see evidence of your manifestation. In other words, don’t quit five minutes before the miracle. Your manifestation is soon going to be evident to you, so keep up the good work! Keep holding positive thoughts, keep affirming, and continue visualizing.”

The Basic Principles:

You will need a journal, notepad or 3 ring binder filled with lined paper. This exercise works best when you write it out by hand, first thing in the morning. On Day 1, for each of the four principles, you will write one statement or thought. On Day 2, you will write two statements or thoughts for each of the principles. For Day 3, you will write three statements or thoughts for each section, and so on. By Day 22, you will be writing 22 statements or thoughts for each principle.

Principle #1 – Be Grateful:

This is simply about having the attitude of gratitude about people and situations in your life. By being aware of the blessings all around you, you will attract more into your life for which to be grateful.

Principle #2 – Be Positive In Your Thinking:

Using affirmations is a simple tool to train your thoughts to stay positive. Focus on what you desire, not what you fear.

Principle #3 – Be Clear About Your Desires and Dreams:

It’s important to have a list of your dreams and desires, and to keep these ideas fresh in your daily thoughts. This is the place where you are detailed in the description of things you would like to attract into your life. This is where you dare to dream big – the house on a lake with a ski boat, treating the entire family to a trip to Disneyland, a new sports car, a publishing contract, etc.

Principle #4 – Be Prepared:

If you suddenly had money, how would you spend it? Would you just spend it haphazardly, or would you have a plan? How much would you spend on yourself? How much would you spend on others? With this principle, you will start with $1000. Each day, you will increase the amount by another $1000. Day 1, you will spend $1000. Day 2, you will spend $2000. Day 3 you will spend $3000. And so on, until Day 22, when you spend $22,000.

Putting The Program To Work:

I am a practical person. I like to keep things simple. I can dream big, but I like to dream reasonably. In keeping my statements grounded and believable to me, I am better able to co-create because the power/faith behind the belief is there.

With Principle #1 – Be Grateful. You may be grateful for the same things every day. These may include things like your family and friends, your dog or cat, your job, etc. Then you may find that you have days where you are grateful for being awake to watch the sun rise, and other days where you are grateful that you can sleep in until 10am. One day you may be grateful for the sunshine, and the next you may be grateful for the rain. It does not matter if you repeat the same things every day or if you change things up. It’s the attitude that counts.

With Principle #2 – Be Positive In Your Thinking. Write affirmations that have meaning to you. The affirmations do not have to be just about finances. Prosperity and abundance applies to relationships, opportunities, and manifestations of any kind. Again, you may have affirmations you use every day, and you may find yourself writing different ones from time to time.

Principle #3 – Be Clear About Your Desires. This is where you list anything and everything you would like to attract into your life. Include in your list not only the big things, but anything that comes to mind. For the purposes of this exercise, keep your list to the number appropriate for that day. You may have a longer list that you keep separately. The more times you write it down somewhere, the more times you keep the idea in your conscious awareness, the more likely you are to attract that item.

For Principle #4 – Be Prepared. I have found that it is helpful to really think about how you would spend the money you received that day. In the book, Ask and It Is Given, Abraham (as channeled by Esther Hicks) says, “Of course there is no thought that you cannot eventually have…..but you cannot instantly jump to a thought that has a vibrational frequency very different from the thoughts you are usually thinking.” It’s not easy to imagine owning a home, free and clear, with an ocean view, 4 bedrooms and a 3 car garage filled with a brand new sports car, an SUV and a Mercedes sedan, if you are still at a point where you are not sure that you can pay the rent on your one bedroom apartment. It’s not impossible, but it is a big jump.

How I Worked The Program:

I am a creature of routine. First thing every morning, I grabbed my tablet of paper and started in on my four principles. There was a great deal of repetition in what I wrote for the first two principles. Every day I was (and am) grateful for my family and friends, for a life style that allows me to spend time with my grandchildren, and so on. Every day, I affirmed that I am prosperous, that I am healthy, wealthy and wise. Occasionally, I would not ‘feel’ the energy behind the affirmation that I am rich beyond my wildest dreams, and I would look for another way to say the same thing that I could really feel. When you do this exercise, please think about what you are writing.

With Principle #3, being clear about your desires, I’d find some days that my desires were very different than other days. I always included that perfect piece of property with the sunrise view. However, occasionally a banana split would appear on my list, but not every day.

I think Principle #4 is my most favorite part of the exercise. I’m a firm believer in tithing, and in paying myself, so each day I would allocate 10% for tithing, and 10% for savings, and then spend the rest. One Day 1, I paid my house payment. On Day 2, I paid the electric, water and cable bills. Each day, I paid my bills, until I had paid every bill for the month, and then I started spending. I felt good for being responsible with my money, and it honestly was what I would do with money. Think of all the lottery winners we read about that just spent their money without regard to financial responsibilities. It does pay to be prepared.

At the end of the 22 days, I wrote out how I had spent my imaginary money. The total amount of money that came in for this exercise was $253,000. I had tithed $25,300. I had saved $25,300. I had paid all my bills for the month, including mortgage payment, equity line of credit, health insurance, utilities, phone, and satellite TV bill. I purchased new jeans, a new surround sound system, a new DVD player, a Kindle with 15 books, two new recliners, new sheets and pillows, new tennis shoes, new underwear, new tires for the car, new drawer slides for the kitchen cabinets, new screen doors for the house, new carpeting and a new refrigerator. I had the house painted, fixed the railings around the staircase to make them baby-safe, had the deck stained, filled the heating oil tank, paid for a landscaper, and had a cement pad poured for the 5th wheel with electric, water and sewer hook-ups. I took friends out to dinner, paid for weekend trips to the ocean and to the lake, paid for first class airfare to Mexico to visit friends, and a first class trip to the Florida Keys. I arranged to take all the kids and the grandkids to Disney World and Epcot Center for a week. I paid for one year of child care for my new grandbabies, and one year of doggy daycare for the dog. I had a massage, a pedicure, a manicure, and I bought new makeup. I treated myself to a spa day, had the hair on my legs permanently removed through laser treatments, and treated my husband and myself to one week of Panchakarma by an Ayurvedic Practitioner. I bought new glasses and paid for some dental work I’ve put off. I paid my property tax bill for 2010 and estimated federal income tax on the money I was receiving. I paid off my credit cards, and bought $5,000 in certificates of deposit. I bought $200 worth of lottery tickets, and allowed myself $300 to play with at a local casino. I bought new awnings and some vinyl skirting for our 5th wheel trailer and bought a pre-paid gas card to cover our fuel expenses for next year. I gifted each of our kids $5,000 and bought new toys for the grandkids and the dog. Whew – all that in just 22 days.

Now, in the real world, in those 22 days, I did pay my monthly bills. I did buy new makeup. I did buy a new surround sound and DVD player. I ordered a Kindle and a new pair of jeans. And I paid off my credit cards. Had you asked me at the start of the month if I was planning to accomplish anything other than paying my monthly bills, I would have said no. But the Universe was listening, and I was doing my part by working with The Four Be’s To Abundance. I had income that I hadn’t anticipated, my financial advisor made some great suggestions with resulted in extra money, and I used reward points from my debit/credit cards to make some purchases.

One of the things I have learned over the years of working with The Law of Attraction and spiritual principles is that you have to take what you’ve learned and make it work for you. This process has worked for me, and continues to work for me. I lovingly share it with you. Repeat the process each month and you will see results.

With blessings of peace and prosperity,


©Betsy Brown April 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hello, My Name Is Fearless - At Least For The Moment

The other morning, on her Facebook wall, a friend of mine posted the following quote from Marie Curie.

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

This quote has been with me for a few days. I wonder if Marie Curie was a spiritual person?

What do we have to fear? Snakes? Air travel? Tornados? Earthquakes? Loss of a spouse/partner? Loss of income?

Right this moment, I am afraid of none of these things.

As I look at the sentence, does the sentiment mean we’d be better off understanding the things/situations in our life, or does it mean we are to understand the fear? Did Dr Curie mean that if we understood where our fears originated, we could then understand the “why” of the fear, and therefore adapt better? Or did she just mean exploration and investigation are good things?

How do we overcome fear? By facing the fear, or by understanding what causes the fear? Perhaps a little of both? Maybe it is just magic? Maybe it is just faith? Maybe it is the mind being bored and looking for something new, whether it is something else to fear or something new to love? Maybe fear gets smothered with other thoughts and just ceases to exist.

As I sit and write this, I realize there are very few things I’m fearful of in general – rattlesnakes, hitting a patch of ice while driving and sliding off a cliff – never to be found, suddenly being naked in public, offending someone unintentionally and never knowing it (and yes that means I really am not afraid of intentionally offending someone). But right this moment, there are no rattlesnakes to be concerned with here in Snohomish. I’m not planning to drive anywhere that there might be ice on the road. I’m sitting alone in my office, so if I were suddenly naked, it would not be a big deal (although I am seriously considering closing the curtains just in case). Not worried about developing cancer or heart disease. Not worried about finances. Not fearful of earthquakes or tornados. Nope, nothing to fear in this moment.

I’m just beginning to wonder if what Marie Curie really was referring to is what a significant waste of my time and energy fear, in and of itself, really is.

So here is to new experiences, new adventures, new attitudes and being fearless in life!