Monday, February 15, 2010

Friends and Facebook

Facebook is pretty amazing.  We all have friends - personal/social friends, friends from school, friends from work, friends we've met in pursuit of hobbies or interests, friends of friends, and so on.  It was on Facebook that I found out by commenting on the new TV Show, Past Life, that a personal friend believed in past lives.  This was a topic we had never discussed before, and I was just shocked to find my 'professional' life inter-mingling with a personal friendship.  And it is always fun to look at the mutual friends, as sometimes there is a surprise.  I recently noticed that a friend I met during a training, who had grown up in the same area as I did, is friends with one of my friends from school.  Now, really it shouldn't be that surprising, as West Seattle really has a small town atmosphere, but still, it surprised me.   Maybe I really am a 'friend' of Kevin Bacon's.  I'm three degrees of separation from Donald Trump, so surely I can be connected to Kevin in some way.  Why not - Julie Andrews, Sam Elliot, Kelsey Grammar and others are already my friends.

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