Sunday, February 28, 2010

Introducing my grandson, Odin Thomas Stack

He arrived at 9:35pm on 2/27/2010, weighing in at 7lbs 2 oz and measuring 20" long.  Mom, baby and grandma doing well.

Sunday morning with Grandma

Sunday morning with Grandpa

He screamed for about 15 minutes, and then hardly a peep out of him since then!  This was taken just minutes after he was born on Saturday night.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Intriguing Quote

"Only a mediocre writer is always at his best." W. Somerset Maugham - Hmmm I think I'm willing to be bad in order not to be mediocre.  I aspire not to be bad, and definitely not to be mediocre, but as in all things, practice makes perfect.  I am willing to take a chance at being not so good, in order to be terrific!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What We Do For Our Kids

Today, I had my H1N1 shot - swine flu vaccination.  I haven't had a flu shot since I turned 18 years old, and was able to just say no thank you.  But alas, when your pregnant daughter works for an OB/GYN, and it is recommended that all family members intending to have contact with the baby should be vaccinated, well, what's a girl to do.  My husband had never had a flu shot.  I'm just happy said daughter is not insisting on the regular flu shot as well.

I will say one thing though....It is not nearly as traumatic having a shot at age 55 as I remember it being at age 5.  Score one for growing older!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Friends and Facebook

Facebook is pretty amazing.  We all have friends - personal/social friends, friends from school, friends from work, friends we've met in pursuit of hobbies or interests, friends of friends, and so on.  It was on Facebook that I found out by commenting on the new TV Show, Past Life, that a personal friend believed in past lives.  This was a topic we had never discussed before, and I was just shocked to find my 'professional' life inter-mingling with a personal friendship.  And it is always fun to look at the mutual friends, as sometimes there is a surprise.  I recently noticed that a friend I met during a training, who had grown up in the same area as I did, is friends with one of my friends from school.  Now, really it shouldn't be that surprising, as West Seattle really has a small town atmosphere, but still, it surprised me.   Maybe I really am a 'friend' of Kevin Bacon's.  I'm three degrees of separation from Donald Trump, so surely I can be connected to Kevin in some way.  Why not - Julie Andrews, Sam Elliot, Kelsey Grammar and others are already my friends.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

You Are What You Eat

Oh oh - last night I had pork chops.  I guess I'm a pig.  But seriously folks.....

I've gone from one end of the spectrum to the other on the subject of food.  I followed a raw food diet for 6 months one time.  I did the Atkins diet for 6 months.  I was an ovolactovegetarian for over 15 years.  Right now, I'm eating anything I want.  I avoid some foods, such as wheat and dairy, because I feel better when I don't eat them.  Occasionally I cheat, but that's a choice I make, knowing the consequences that follow.  I struggle most with my personal feelings about consuming meat, whether it be beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, etc.  I love animals.  And I do have issues with myself about not being vegetarian.  I just feel better when I have protein that meat provides.  My answer, for the time being, is to continue to take of me.  To trust my body's messages.  And to take the time to bless the food I eat, and to give thanks to the animals who provide for my nourishment.

That's my blah blah blah for today.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A New Commitment

I woke up this morning with the thought that I should do what they tell all writers to do.....Make a commitment to write "something" every day.  I do draw a daily card from my KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart)™ Oracle deck and write a little comment about the card and how it applies to particular my life.  Sometimes my comments are clearly channelled and sometimes it is just stuff.  And then I have this blog that I have not contributed to in a long time.  It started out as a place to yada yada yada and blah, blah, blah about things.  So today I will make the commitment to write something here every day. 

I wonder how long the commitment will last?  How long do resolutions last?  Until you get bored with it or until you see no purpose in continuing with it or you are distracted by the latest version of some computer game.  This is sounding awfully pessimestic to me.  I see myself as a grown up Pollyanna - to the point that sometimes I even want to gag myself.  Yet here I am talking about making a commitment and wondering when I will break it, all in the same paragraph.

Back to the writer writing something every day.  My goal right now is to write a series of mystery novels involving a 30ish main character, sprinkled with some psychic or metaphysical stuff, and full of snappy, witting dialog.  That's my 'true north' for the moment, but instead, I'm headed south southwest or somewhere because I'm blahblahblahing instead.

If I haven't lost you by now, either you know me and know that eventually something interesting or funny will come out of my mouth/head onto the paper/screen - or you are glutton for punishment and poor writing.  That is a question you will need to answer for yourself.

Until tomorrow.....Keep it simple and keep it real.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Working With Ascended Masters

I woke up this morning thinking about Psalms 23 - The Lord is My Shepherd, I shall not want. A bit weird for me as I usually wake up thinking, "Okay, where am I?" That's what happens when you live in a RV and travel someplace new each week. So wake up and begin reciting that psalm was an interesting experience. It reminded me of my mother-in-law waking up singing The Lords Prayer on the night my husband's boat sunk in the Bering Sea. A little freaky. I drew a card from my KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart)™ Oracle Deck.  It was Call On The Ascended Masters.  The card says "The Ascended Masters are our Master Teachers.  They want to help you to create joy, peace and happiness in your life.

I took a few moments to refresh my memory on the life of David, generally believed to be the author of the Psalms. David was appointed to King Saul's court as a musician and armour bearer. The bible is rich with stories about David. At various stages in his life, he kills a giant, commits adultery, leads battles, writes songs, fights with his children, and forged a mighty empire. In other words, he led quite a life. Normal in many ways, and extraordinary in others.

Ascended Masters are generally described as those divine beings that once led lives on earth. Their experiences and spiritual growth has led them to be considered Master Teachers. I love working with these spiritual beings as they've been here, done that, learned and grown from the experiences.

Today I most likely will not kill a giant, commit adultery, lead a battle, or forge a mighty empire. I may fight with my children, but I hope not. Perhaps I'll write a song or a poem though. David, today will you help me create joy, peace and happiness in my life.