Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chakra and Aura Photo

Last week, Kim and I treated ourselves to an Aura and Chakra Photography session with Mary Versosky in Scottsdale, Arizona.  I just wanted to give her a shout out and a plug.  It was a very imformative and enlightening session, and I highly recommend it.  She does individual sessions, parties, corporate gigs and trade shows.  Check it out!

Blessings of peace for 2010!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Writers, Teachers, Speakers - Inspire Me

I am a big fan of The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. I have found the exercise of “Morning Pages” to be so freeing and eye opening. Some days, I write just blah blah stuff – what happened the day before, what I need to do today, why does my neighbor in the RV in the spot next to us leave at 4am each day, just random thoughts. Today, I got to thinking and writing about spiritual teachers, speakers and writers.

Now first let me get this disclaimer out of the way. I believe we are all teachers and we are all students. We learn from each other, and from our reactions to each other. So while I am watching what you are doing, listening to what you are saying, and observing how you are responding, you are doing the same with me. When I find someone that says something that appeals to me, I want to hear or read more from that person.

That thought led to the observation that, in my humble opinion, many of our well known authors of the New Age/Psychic topics seems to be recycling the same old thing under a different cover. Now there is nothing with recycling. Different words, strung together in different ways, will be more meaningful to some people, and less meaningful to another. That is why there can be a million books on Angels or the Law of Attraction, and still a call for more.

Have you ever noticed that the first books of a famous author are often times the best of their work? I have a theory on this. I think when writers first begin to write, it is a combination of a little bit of passion, a little bit of channeled inspiration, and a little bit left brained common sense. If you look at some of the bigger names in the field of metaphysics, their beginning work was almost always published by a smaller publishing house, if not self published. It seems to me that in using the smaller publishing houses, or self publishing, one keeps more of him/herself in the work. Maybe that is what appeals to me. The writer’s way of putting words together, before big name publishers and their editors get involved. Not that I have anything against big publishing companies. I don’t. And I’m appreciative of their bringing the work of some wonderful authors to the public’s attention, in a way that only big name advertising, from bigger companies, can do.

I guess I just want to encourage those of you who feel the pull to write, to channel, to teach, and/or to speak, to do so from your hearts and souls. It must be a passion. When the ultimate goal is to help others through your words and experience, your work will flow. Put being famous, having a big name publishing contract, or earning millions on the back burner. If that is part of your path, it will happen soon enough. In the meantime, just do the work and inspire us. I’m always looking for new teachers!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday - What Is Your Winter Wish?

It's Wishcasting Wednesday at  I've been away for a few weeks as my husband and I have started our adventures as full time RVers.  Of course a new journey isn't without its flaws, or rather learning experiences uniquely disguised as challenges.  We are taking these in stride and working through them. 

Today's wishcasting prompt is "What Is Your Winter Wish?"

Oh what a great question for me!   For the past number of years, I had been working for a well known spiritual teacher.  I was unexpectedly laid off; unexpectedly to me anyway, and it threw me into a loop.  So much of this job was who I thought I was.  In the nine months since this happened, I've learned that I buried myself and now I'm anxious to bloom again as me.  The hard part for me is that this indeed is winter, a time of hibernation or dormancy.  I am anxious for my rebirth, but over and over I receive the message of patience.  It is still time just to rest and rejuvenate.  I am dealing with all of life's fertilizer, doing my best to grab the nutrients and let go of the rest.  I'm re-establishing my roots and my groundedness, something that I lost in the previous job.  I'm gathering my personal beliefs and finding ways to teach what is true to me, and not just repeat the rhetorical parlance of others. 

As you can probabaly intuit, I am still working through some hurt and disilluisionment over the way I perceive I was treated.  I'm sure the others involved have their own versions of the situation.  My winter wish is to rediscover me, to cut the etheric cords of pain and fear, and allow this time of respite and quiescence to heal and rejuvenate me as I prepare for the next segment of this journey called life.