Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's In The Numbers

For the last 8 months, I've been guided to rest, relax and recuperate.  Admittedly, I'm probably a type A personality.  I like to stay busy, to be doing something, contributing in some manner.  To stay focused on not doing anything has been a challenge for me.  I've taken up a renewed, but casual, interest in numerology and the tarot.  Also, each day I pull one of my KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart) Oracle cards and write about it on that blog (  Today's message was about doing more research.  My interpretation was that we are still in a time of evolutionary change, and it is not the time to be jumping into new projects.  It is still time to sit back, observe, ruminate, begin to work with intentional creating.  I believe the next cycle in our human awareness, beginning on or near 2012, will involve instant manifestation.  We need to practice and work with this energies now, before they kick in full throttle.

So back to the study and review, using the numerology program I have had for a few years, I printed up a numerology report for my personal years.  Here are my results - what a surprise!  Things are unfolding just as I was told they would in meditation.  Now, I just need to work on sitting back and continuing the resting part, the research and self study part, for a few more months!

" Your Personal Year for 2009 is 7

Betsy, you will experience a strong tendency to spend more time alone, to delve inside and find some answers and to reach a better understanding of yourself. This is not a year for social activities nor is it a year to try and reach goals on a material level. You will find that the necessities of daily life seem to be taken care of by themselves. There is no need to be overly concerned regarding your material needs. Without slacking on your daily duties and responsibilities, you can afford to give more attention to yourself. This is a year for inner growth. It is your spiritual and mental presence that requires attention.

Improve the quality of your life, read, contemplate and gain insight in yourself. You are important now. Rest and attend to your health. It is during this year that you strengthen the foundation of your life, after all your success in all matters rests upon the strength of your inner self. There will be many strange and unusual events inspiring you to take a closer look at life and an opportunity is there to experience the joy and beauty of life without any artificial or exterior involvement but purely the growing awareness of yourself. Too much concern and desire for material rewards, Betsy, will turn this period of your life into a very bad experience indeed, while a "let go and let God " attitude will make this such a fruitful and pleasant year that you may find yourself wondering what you did to deserve this.

Your Personal Year for 2010 is 8

After last year's constant involvement with yourself and very possible occasional doubts about the state of your business or career you will find this year to be a relief, Betsy. Things finally work out. Long postponed checks and promotions come through. You see the light at the end of your financial tunnel and an inner strength and confidence is breaking through. This is your year of harvest and, depending on the effort you put out in the past seven years, your reward will be equally large. There is a beauty in these cycles we can recognize and understand and in doing so we find ourselves "in the flow" and there is no more need to try and struggle upstream. So this year you will have an opportunity to involve yourself fully in work and material growth and bring home the rewards, at the same time a certain detachment is also necessary, for you and for the experience you have because it is not the reward that brings you happiness but your experience of life, which is why before the rewarding eight year you have had such opportunity for growth during the soul searching of a seven year. Give in to your ambitions, you will find yourself more clear and focused and able to pursue and reach your goals. Betsy, your power is visible and strong, mental creativity is high, vision and intuition will guide you, and at the same time you are more efficient and focused. There can be loss, serious loss, bankruptcy and failure, because always the rewards are directly proportionate to your effort and motivation, however you know the effort you put out and you know your motivations, so there must be no room for fear and doubt, only for success and winning and this year will undoubtedly turn out to be a very satisfying year.

Your Personal Year for 2011 is 9

This is your year to finish up all unfinished business, Betsy, to clean house and make room for new things. On a material level this is a good time to get rid of unnecessary weight, to give away or sell what you do not need anymore and to pay off old debts. On a spiritual level you will experience a different mode altogether. Your attention should turn to others and their needs, find ways to be of help and give time and energy to worthwhile causes. You must lighten your burden of questions and doubts and the best way to do so is by directing your attention to another direction, away from yourself and you will find yourself becoming lighter and more in touch with your self. This is a time of completion, problems can be solved and over with, strained relationships relax or disappear, the sources of stress in work or business can be better understood and dealt with. Be social and communicative, enjoy music and other arts.

Betsy, your creativity is higher than usual. There can be some difficulties this year due to your desire to face obstacles and overcome them, decisions have to be taken and courage and strength may be severely tested several times, this is not going to be an easy year all the time but you will feel relieved and on the brink of a positive breakthrough by the end of this year. This is the end of a nine year epicycle and will you will feel many times the excitement of a new and promising era when optimism is your friend but you will also experience the fear of letting go, however the more you let go the more room there is to be filled during the
next epicycle.

Your Personal Year for 2012 is 1

Be ready for major changes. Betsy, you will be inspired to start new projects or enterprises. You will feel a strong forward push toward new goals. This is a time for vision and planning. Share your dream with others; make plans, get the necessary support, but, above all, rely on yourself as the driving force. Be decisive!

You are starting a new nine year Epicycle. Everything you do now will affect your future. Do not hold back the inner force of creation. Be direct, daring, and bold.

You will have more confidence and determination this year, particularly in comparison with last year, which was a time of letting go. This year represents a time of birth. It's a time to take charge and to apply yourself to your dream. This is also a good time to make the personal changes you have long wanted to make: Start a diet and/or an exercise program, or begin a new course of study.

There may be some emotional turmoil, especially in the first two or three months. It takes a while to get the ball rolling. There are many changes you must make and much work to be done. Be open-minded, organized, and focused. Avoid distractions and procrastination. Betsy, you are at a crossroads. You will need courage and a clear head to stay on the right track.

This is a year of opportunities. The key months in your year ahead are March, in which you are able to lay the foundation to your plans; April, in which changes take place such as a change of residence or career; July and August mark a time in which you will see the fruits of your labors begin to take place; October represents a major turn in events, often fraught with emotional turmoil; the fall marks a coalescing of your plans into more concrete form. "

Would you like a report like this for your personal years 2009 - 2012?  Just email me (address is below).  I will need your first and last name (or last initial at least - mostly for filing purposes) and your month and date of birth.  The personal year number is calculated by adding your birth month and birth day to the year you are researching.  For me, my birthday is June 8th, so that is 6 + 8 + 2009 = 2023, reducing to 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7.

With loving blessings,

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