Friday, October 2, 2009

The Power Of Silence

It makes room for LISTENING

It gives us freedom to OBSERVE

It allows time to THINK

It provides space in which to FEEL

It lets us broaden our AWARENESS

It opens us to the entry of PEACE

Author Unknown  -  From Lists To Live By (The Second Collection)

I've recently taken to driving without the radio on or a cd playing.  We've all heard of highway hypnosis - where you are driving a familiar route, and all of a sudden find yourself at your destination, but you don't remember the exit off the freeway, or the right turn you took by the store, much less signalling for the turn.  Somehow our brains are aware of the act of driving, but the mind is free to observe, think, feel, be aware and experience peace. 

Today, consider turning off the radio and just drive.  Look for the beauty right outside your window.  Pay attention to the thoughts that may pop into you head.  Experience the peace and joy that is there for you now.

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  1. I'm addicted to silence. :)

    There's probably no auditory experience I enjoy more. ("Silence" including natural sounds that arise, etc.)

    It's interesting, I've been listening to a meditation audio track for a few days now (it's just a track of some calming, channeled music), then usually following that by a music-less meditation, and I enjoy the music-less meditation experience far more. The music is very calming (which is why I listen to it), but to really experience all of the subtle nuances to meditation and really "get there," I find I have a much more pleasurable experience without any assistance.

    -- Bruce

    ps. I enjoyed the seeing the contrast of this blog title ("The Power of Silence") with your blog name ("Betsy's *blahblahblah* blog"). :D