Sunday, August 30, 2009

Turning 55

(Originally posted May 9, 2009)

I woke up this morning, and realized in less than 30 days, I was turning 55. Wow – how did that happen? I’ve always found numerology to be intriguing, and I’ve studied it over the years. I found numbers even more interesting when I learned that angels deliver messages through repetitive numbers. (See the book, Healing With The Angels, by Doreen Virtue for more information on this phenomenon). In regards to angelic messages through repetitive numbers, 5 are about change, and sometimes big drastic change. I remember last year, upon turning 54 thinking, “Oh good thing the angels are with me this year to help me with any changes that are coming my way” (5s are about changes, 4s mean the angels are with you). Here I am approaching 55, and looking at changes upon changes.

As I was thinking about the whole angel messages through numbers thing, my thoughts wandered over to ‘traditional numerology’. In traditional numerology, you can look at a variety of different aspects of how numbers work in your life. You have numbers around you that do not change, such as your Life Path Number (based on your date of birth), your Destiny Number (based on your birth name)and your Hearts Desire/Soul Number (based on the vowels in your birth name) In terms of forecasting, you can look at your personal year , your personal month, your personal day. What I tend to forget is that the personal year begins on January 1st, regardless of what day your birthday falls on. Although my birthday is in June, my personal year changes on January 1st – along with everyone else.

I usually run a numerology report for myself in January just to see how the year may unfold, and to watch for anything that may jump out at me. Because we have free will within our lives, nothing is set in stone. Our thoughts and actions determine our reality, but the study of numerology will also help us to see patterns around us, and to take advantage of or prepare for things that have a potential for occurrence. I decided to go back and take a look at what the numbers were showing me about what was going on in my life now.

For me, this is a 7 personal year (month of birth, plus day of birth, plus 2009, then reduced to a single digit). A 7 year is a time for introspection and contemplation. It’s not a year to be social. It will be a year for inner growth and understanding. The necessities of life will take care of themselves, and I should not have to be concerned about material needs. There will be many strange and unusual events inspiring you to take a closer look at life.

At this point, I started chuckling. No kidding. So far this year, I have made a move to Hawaii, and determined this is not “home” for me, so I will be going back to Washington State in July. Definitely, unusual event #1. I released a job I had been doing for a number of years, and have no dependable monthly income. That’s unusual event #2 – good thing I should not have to worry about material needs this year because I’m trusting in the Universe to provide for me. Not a year to be social? No problem – I don’t have any friends in Hawaii to be social with, and I’m not much of a party person anyway. Give me a good book (thanks to those that recommended the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer), and a notebook to journal in, and I’m a happy camper.

Next, I looked at my personal month for May. It is a 3 month (in a 7 year) and is great for playing and relaxing. Good thing. I don’t really have anything else to do. This is an odd position to find myself in as I am pretty much an all work/no play kind of gal – or I have been for quite awhile. I have worked myself into being out of balance, and I now have the opportunity to make up the difference by devoting time to play and relaxation. We have 2 more months on the lease on our condo, so my husband and I are doing the tourist thing here on the Big Island. This month we’ve visited the Paleaku Peace Gardens – well worth seeing if you visit the Kona side of the Big Island. Also on our list this month is the Seahorse Farm, the Observatory at Mauna Kea, Akaka Falls, Hilo, and a number of beaches.

Next month – when I turn 55 – I expect to experience some more changes. It will be a 4 month, in a 7 year, and one can expect that to be a busy month. Energy levels are high, and change will be desired. Reorganization will be high on the list. (Hmmm….very interesting as we will undoubtedly begin packing and preparing for our return to the mainland).

Honestly, I don’t like change. I’m not looking forward to turning 55, but considering the alternative, I’ll move forward and embrace it – not with a full on hug, mind you, but I will survive, and welcome my 8 year with open arms. You know why? An 8 year is about abundance and success! Counting the days until January 1, 2010!

Until then, I’m calling on my angels for help. Or as my friend Anna Taylor tweeted this morning – my ‘changels’ – Angels of Change!

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