Sunday, August 30, 2009

It Sounds Good, But.....

(Originally written May 5, 2009)

Multi level Marketing – I know I have been in more downlines than I have had downlines of my own.

Exercise – There are those that say they can’t go without daily exercise. When they hit that runner’s high – they feel great! Me? Not so much. Instead, I opt for the exercise that I hate the least. And I’d give it up in a heartbeat, except then I’d really have to watch the number of calories I ate.

Diet Plans – Nice seque, eh? I’ve sampled most every fad diet plan (or live-it plan – if you remember Richard Simmons). It’s never quite what you think it will be long term. Bottom line is decreased calories and increased exercise will bring lasting results.

Movies based on books – Face it, the book is always better.

Sexy Shoes – They are never comfortable. Can you be sexy if you don’t feel comfortable?

Body Shapers – See Sexy Shoes.

What about you? Care to add to this list?


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