Sunday, August 30, 2009

Commercial Advertising vs Social Networking

(Originally posted May 13, 2009)

My friend, Swati, shared an article about Twitter with me. Have you gotten caught up in the social networking thing? I’m working on it, but sometimes it seems to be just too much. Maybe because I’m over 50, I’m not catching on to things as quickly as I did when I was younger? The gist of the article was about increasing the number of people you are following, and therefore you will most likely increase the number of people following you. Much of this is based on key words used in your bio, so that you can find others with similar interests, and others can find you. And then there is something with the # sign that I haven’t figured out, and something called #Follow Friday. I’m good with someone recommending a few people that they follow that I may be interested in. However, when someone with 4000 people they are following, recommends all 4000 of them on Follow Friday – that’s a lot of tweets to read through. From the writer’s standpoint, all this” I’ll follow you if you follow me” has to do with finding others that may be interested in what you had to offer in the way of product. Do you have a product for sale that someone would be interested in? How do you find your market? Using Twitter to find people of similar interests, especially those that would possibly use a product like you have, would be a great way of reaching out to let them. It’s not an additional out of pocket expense to participate in this type of network marketing. Personally, I don’t like to be bombarded with tweets advertising/promoting this or that. If you tweet something that is clever or thought provoking, I’m more apt to look at your link or read your bio, visit your website, etc. But I really can’t see following thousands of people. That’s just a whole lotta people. I did spend a little bit of time wondering if the writer, who was following over 4000 people, actually read any of the tweets he was getting, or if he was just collecting twitterers to whom he could market. When I realized I had just wasted 5 minutes thinking about that, something to which I’d never have an answer, and probably didn’t really care, I moved on to more important things.

I began thinking about commercials, specifically TV commercials. The amount of money that goes into creating a commercial, and then paying for airtime, is pretty staggering. I started looking around the house, and realized that most of the products I buy, I buy because I like those products. Very little of my consumer dollar is spent purchasing something because I liked a commercial. My current favorite commercial is for a product called Vitamin Water 10 (at least that’s what I think the name is). The setting is an office. Mother Nature steps out and addresses the employees. I don’t even recall exactly what it is she says – something about having to work harder. I was more focused on the various ‘employees’ who are animals. I especially crack up at the deer who is photocopying his butt, but I also like the bunny who is making excuses for his partner who will be out on maternity leave – again. Mother Nature quips about this being the 34th time this year, and are they even still together. For me, it is just a funny skit. It makes me laugh. Will I buy the product because of it? I doubt it. I started thinking about classic commercials over the years. I never bought Chiffon margarine, although I loved the “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature” commercial. I never bought Parkay, even though I thought the “Butter/Parkay” commercial was clever. Vanity, however, does win me over. I will try a shampoo or conditioner or a brand of makeup if I like the look of the model in a commercial or print ad. It baffles me why my hair or face never looks like the models after using the product though. Unrealistic expectation on my part? Ya think?

A good blogger would probably be able to tie this all together with some clever lesson on advertising mediums. It’s a goal I can aspire to. Right now, it’s late and I’m tired. And honestly, I really just wanted to talk about the commercial with the deer photocopying his butt – it makes me laugh. And laughter is good. I guess this will just have to be one of my Blah-Blah Blogs.


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